Seven Ways to Ask a Good Question in a Tarot Reading

First of all, I want to make it clear that the reading is all about you, the person asking the question. You have things on your mind that you want to ask about and you should be able to ask whatever you want. It’s your reading after all.

But it can help if you give your question some thought before you have a reading, because the more thought you put into it, the more you will get out. It is worth spending some time working out exactly what you want the cards to help you with, because the way you phrase the question can change the meaning of a reading.

Look at the difference, for example, between these questions  about work:

  •  Will I get the new job?
  •  How can I improve my chances of getting the job?
  •  What strengths will I bring to the new job?
  •  What things do I have to look out for in the new job?

Can you see how they are different? Try to make sure you are asking what you really want to know about, and if you want just a “yes/no” kind of answer or would like suggestions and advice.

Here are 7 hints to help you.

1 Think about the difference between an open and closed question.

Open questions usually begin with a ‘wh’ question word or ‘how’. By that, I mean a question beginning who, what, where, why, when or how. These kind of questions  allow the Tarot to give you more information. Asking: What is the tarot’s advice about me moving house? is a deeper and more helpful question than Will I move house? (I think so, anyway!)

2 Take Responsibility

You are the person responsible for your own life and actions, so a good question also focuses on personal responsibility. Compare, for example:
Why did that creep John leave me? (implying it was all his fault)
What factors contributed to John leaving? (You accept that maybe there were problems in the relationship and that it wasn’t 100% his fault.)

3 Think Carefully Before Asking About Other People
The link I have when I read the cards for you is with you. I believe the reading should focus mainly on you and the people in your life. It is also unethical – a type of ‘psychic spying really – to ask about other people without their permission. 

Write Questions Down
Play around with the questions, writing several, until you find a question that ‘hits the spot.’ Writing things down makes us focus and good focus and clarity leads to a good question.

5 Make Sure Your Question is a Question!
It is all too easy to get carried away when writing about the background to a situation and then forgetting to actually ask a question! For example: I have been with my present employer for ten years and now I hear the company are going to make redundancies but I’ve got the chance of another job but I’m not sure about it and also if they hear I’m going somewhere else they’ll fire me anyway probably also my boss is jealous of me I’m sure as I’m been there longer than her and maybe that’s where this rumour came from in the first place.

Where’s the question? There are so many different factors here, I’m not sure what the person is actually asking about.

6 Be specific
Giving me some facts always helps. I am not a fortune teller, I am using the Tarot to help give you insight into your situation. It’s much more helpful therefore to write:
I have three children, two boys and a girl aged, 5,7 and 9 and I want to know what their gifts are than
Tell me about my children’s future.

7 Less is More

A Tarot reading uses quite a lot of energy and takes place within a certain amount of time and so it can help to focus on just one or two key questions rather than five or ten!

I hope that has helped you to see the importance of a good question. You can ask whatever you want, however you want but if you relax and think a bit, the results are usually better.

If you are having trouble phrasing your question I’m sure we can work something out together.

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